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Perfect Declipper 2.00 - version history
2014/05/19 v2.00
  • Synchronized code to the latest Stereo Tool framework. Updates will be more frequent from now on. Lots of improvements made the last 2 years in audio quality, declipper presets, scope displays, performance and more.
  • Added 64 bit VST version.
  • 2012/06/10 v1.11
  • Winamp DSP plugin limited license beeped more often than once ever 2 hours, fixed
  • Improved clipper
  • Clipper on/off setting was not saved to disk properly
  • 2012/04/11 v1.10
  • General code cleanups
  • Added Winamp DSP plugin limited license
  • Some minor changes in the default settings
  • Improved clipper (!)
  • 2011/12/12 v1.00
  • Initial release
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